How Pre Employment Screening And Testing Can Mitigate Risks?

Pre Employment Screening

There comes a time for every enterprise to hire manpower to meet the demand of their business. Hiring mistakes could ruin a business and reports that 27% of employers in the United States lost over $50,000 because of their poor hiring decisions. The survey also reveals ten largest economies in the world are victims of hiring mistakes and lose $18 billion in this connection. US education system plays a pivotal role in churning out professionals to meet the huge skilled worker demands of the industry. talks about the educational system and the national efforts by comparing the current system with the past.

How pre-screening practices make a difference?
Pre-employment screening is followed by most organizations and is beneficial to all industries. These are some of the reasons why pre-screening practice is considered important.
· Reduces employee turnover and increase productivity: Sourcing the right talent in the industry could be an ordeal. Background checks can ensure you remove unqualified workers who may be a potential danger to the organization and enrol only candidates who are qualified with the prescribed skill set to contribute to the company. Recruiting the right candidate can increase the productivity of the company and reduce the potential damages and friction at the workplace. High employee attrition leads to loss of money, time and energy as resources are wasted on training and repeating the recruitment lifecycle.
· Complying with regulations: Industries are regulated and are forced to follow the state, federal and local regulations. Background checks can help in maintaining standards and regulations are met while withholding the industry standards.
· Maintaining safety standards: Scanning the employee for the use of abusive material like drugs and alcohol can protect the work environment from negative impact and secure the safety in the workplace. Hiring a person with a criminal background can leave the organization at the risk as their misdeed could tarnish the image of your company through unwanted litigations and lawsuits. This could devastate the future of the organization.

Pre-employment testing
The screening process alone does not secure the future of the organization and increase productivity; another important task includes pre-employment testing. There are many options to consider while picking the right employee. There are many sources available to choose the right match for the job. They help in assessing the cognitive skills and background of the prospective employee for the position available. The Judgment index is helpful in assessing and detecting the right and trustworthy candidate. The index is a scientific evaluation based on the principles of good judgment.

Recruitment is all about judging the skills and the character of the candidate and how it can translate into improving the performance and productivity of the company. The task is horrendous and not always all the judgments are right. Despite intense screening and processing, the selection may go wrong. In order to protect the organization from wasteful expenditure and attrition, it is vital to take a calculated decision. The tests and index help to measure the values of the judgment.

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